What is moonlight & magic?

All Beach Witch Bars are made with full moon water & the best intentions. Full moon water is water that's been left out overnight in my moon jugs to sit in the moonlight and absorb the qualities and power of the moon. Each full moon has different meaning, whether it be letting go, embracing creativity, focusing on love for yourself or others, repairing relationships, etc. Moon water can be used for anything- drinking, cooking, and in this case, soaping!

the midwinter collection, avaliable now

Curated Curiosities

Curated Curiosities

Treasures carefully curated from all over New England to bring your home... 

Midwinter Collection

Midwinter Collection

Midwinter, or Yule is the witch's Sabbat that begins the Wiccan Year.... 

  • Coal in Your Stocking

    Coal in your Stocking is chock full of activated charcoal and a light sprinkle of poppy seeds, creating a light exfoliating bar

    Activated CharCOAL 
  • Marigold & Weary

    Anti- inflammatory Calendula and Nettle infused olive oil and oatmeal soap for your weary muscles

    Relax, witches... 
  • Beach Witch Breast Milk Soap

    Breast milk is called liquid gold for a reason- soothing on skin whether it's yours or baby's, these bars have no added color or fragrance, just gentle milk and colloidal oatmeal

    Liquid Gold