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TWO LEFT: Taylor Swift’s “Holiday House” Viking Valhalla Ladder Protection Home Decor from East Beach in Westerly, Rhode Island

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According to legend, whenever the Vikings would travel they would collect driftwood from the shore of every land they visited. These bits of driftwood, shells or bones were laid out into a single line and hung inside or outside the home for protection. (Hang yours inside as to preserve it- wind, weather, they'll survive but they'll last longer inside.)

I've done the same here on the beaches of the Ocean State of Rhode Island- these Valhalla Ladders contain pieces of driftwood from all over the state and most recently, East Beach in Watch Hill- the small public beach right next to Taylor Swift's Holiday House, also known as Harkness House or High Watch. Holiday House sits just to the right of East Beach, high on the hill overlooking the very spit of land that is Rhode Island. 

Each Valhalla Ladder contains 20 pieces of driftwood strung together with a longer bit at the top to hook and hang, strung with both twine and wire for stability. No two ladders will look the same! During shipping these sticks will be packaged all facing the same direction- when you hang your ladder turn each stick to face opposite its neighbor. 

Each order will receive a free Beach Witch Bars soap sample! 

Care Instructions

Keep your soap in a draining soap dish to get the longest use, do not let soap sit in standing water!

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