Beach Witch is moving!

Beach Witch is moving!

After almost 3 years in Winthrop, MA, it's time to say goodbye. Winthrop will always have a place in my heart~ Beach Witch was born here. The sunny oceanside kitchen where I made my first ever loaf of soap now turns into a whole room where I will create my own studio and hopefully find the same calm that life in Winthrop brought me.

My fiancé Justin and I have purchased our first home and at the end of April, we'll officially be Rhode Islanders. I grew up in Rhode Island, about 40 minuets where we bought our home, so to me this almost seems like a homecoming of sorts. While we go through this move, my soap making is on hold. I've run down my in stock products as well as my raw materials to make this move a little easier. As soon as we're settled, I'll restock my shelves and get back to work, so bear with me, celebrate with me, dance under the light of a full moon and remember to wash your hands. 

Blessed be, 


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