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Beach Witch Bars

"Dusk" Men's Cologne Beach Witch Breast Bar Soap

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Remember walking by Abercrombie and Fitch at the mall, that Fierce wave of their men's cologne that would punch you in the face? Welcome to Dusk, the calmer, gentler version of Fierce. These classic black and blue bars are reminiscent of the sky at dusk or twilight. They contain no added glitter, herbs or flowers, a simple bar for a no fuss man or woman. 

Beach Witch Bars are colored with cruelty free mica colorant and have a triple oil moisturizing recipe guaranteed to keep your skin smelling fresh and smooth as butter.

Ingredients: walnut oil, coconut oil, olive oil, full moon water, Fierce fragrance oil, cruelty- free mica

Care Instructions

Keep your soap in a draining soap dish to get the longest use, do not let soap sit in standing water!

Shop Local

Beach Witch Bars is proud to support New England based products. Our oils, salts, herbs and stones are from shops in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We are proud to support local small family run businesses and will continue to do so as Beach Witch grows.