HEY MAMAS! Interested in donating your breast milk in exchange for your own soap?

Here at Beach Witch we know the value of human breast milk! Called "liquid gold" because of the endless benefits to your skin, these bars aren't for everyone- some people don't like the idea but if you know, you know!! A quick search online will show you why making soap with breast milk is literally everything. The heating process of cold process soap reaches over 200 degrees- this allows soap making to be a totally legal and clean endevour. These bars are creamy, the sudsiest, smoothest and gentlest bar I've got! No added color, fragrance, just oatmeal and that precious liquid gold. Your lather will never be creamier and your skin will never never be happier- especially those of you with extra sensitive skin! 

Mamas, are you interested in donating? If you've got extra frozen milk laying around, even if it's expired- it's perfect for soapmaking. I do a 50/50 split with all donating mamas- however many bars I make with your milk, half will be mailed back to you for free. All you have to do is mail it to me frozen in bags and I'll take care of the rest.

Questions? Drop me a line over on the contact page! I'm happy to answer all the who, what, when, where and WHYs of breast milk soap!